Savusavu Art and Fashion week

March 25 – 29, 2024

Savusavu’s second contemporary arts week, supported by the Fiji Arts Council and showcasing five Suva artists and five local artists.

Greetings from the Fiji Arts Council.

FAC is excited to be part of this planned Fine Art Exhibition in the Friendly North, at Savusavu, the Hidden Paradise of Fiji hosted by Daku Resort. After the inaugural exhibition in 2023, we are building on the success and looking to bring in more artists.

We are grateful for the support provided by Daku Resort, the major sponsor of the Exhibition. FAC would like to acknowledge its management team and staff for their continuous support of the cultural/creative sector.

The exhibition will be from the 25th- 29th of March 2024.

It is part of FAC’s plan to shift some of our activities and organized events away from the main urban centers, especially Suva which remains the foremost focus for thriving artistic activities at the national level. There is a need to be inclusive and get the arts to rural and remote areas where they are not fully celebrated.

The 5 days’ event will showcase some of the fine talents that we have in the area of Visual Arts. The Show will also exhibit some local talents from within Savusavu and will also link in local emerging artists to get a feel of how a professional Fine Art Exhibition is organized. We are also planning to bring students from nearby schools to enjoy the exhibition and provide some insights that there are other fields of work that could be pursued to generate well-being and livelihood.

The general public is also invited to come along and enjoy the work of art that will be on display and for sale for 5 days. A Fashion Show is planned to conclude the Exhibition on the last night.

All welcome and see you at Daku Resort.

Maciu Selar
Director: Fiji Arts Council

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