Do Nothing

There’s lots to do – or there’s time to do nothing at all – just have a lazy vacation. Hang out at the pool, write your novel in the lounge, walk into town for dinner at the yacht club. Lie on your bed and read a book. Indulge in a spa massage. Take a holiday from life.

No pressure. No schedules. Never a routine.

Our staff is small but our smiles are large. We’re always available, but we’re not in your face.

You come, you stay, you do what you want. At Daku, you call the shots.

The Swimming Pool - Daku Resort

Do Something

Having said that, if you prefer some action on your vacation, there are plenty of things to do – snorkelling, hiking, kayaking, boat rides visiting the waterfalls (have a look at the video on this page). You can play tennis and golf at local resorts, and go diving with our world-class local dive operations. And in between times, you must find time for a spa massage and enjoy the deep relaxation it brings. We don’t want you to need a holiday after your holiday, but you’ll never get bored.

For those of you who like to have a holiday with a focus, we offer a number of special interest courses in areas like writing, yoga, music and art. They are 6-day residential courses taught by experts in their field who come from Australia, New Zealand and the US. Have a look at what we have to offer on our Paradise Courses site.

Swimming at Daku Resort

The snorkeling in Savusavu Bay is excellent: there’s a small reef directly outside the resort; there’s a funny old shipwreck 400 metres away and 5 km down the road, there’s the outstanding site of Split Rock. We can also take you out on our boat to a couple of sites further away near the outer reef. Bring a snorkel and mask or use one of ours.

Diving at Daku Resort

We have 3 kayaks – a double and two singles – which you can use; and a boat which you can hire for fishing or snorkeling. For serious fishermen, there are deep-sea fishing charters available in Savusavu Harbour.

If you enjoy hiking, there are a couple of tracks behind the resort, which go up into the jungle, or we can arrange a trip with local guides.

And more:

* There’s the magnificent Vuandomo waterfall offering a refreshing swim, just 30 minutes drive from Daku.

* We can send you to a hot mud pool where you can bathe in glorious mud!

* You can visit the sacred red prawns at Naweni.

Diving and Fishing at Daku Resort

Diving: We can book you with Rock ‘n’ Downunder in Savusavu Bay, with Koro Sun Dive or with the Jean Michel Cousteau divers who go to the internationally known dive site of Namena Island.

We can arrange excursions to Salt Lake for kayaking and swimming, and to Natewa Bay for dolphin spotting and snorkelling.

And when you just want to take it easy, you can enjoy a spa massage – choose from a traditional Fijian bobo which stimulates circulation and releases tension; a sports massage that focuses on the realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, a hot stone rapture massage that uses smooth heated stones, or a coconut scrub – a full body massage with coconut oil followed by an exfoliating back scrub with cream and dried coconut flesh, washed off with warm wet towels.

We have a beautiful yoga shala in the resort where you can follow your own yoga practice in perfect tranquility – we often find our guests like to slip away up to it for an hour of meditation and yoga.

The Beach at Daku Resort