Weddings in Fiji, at Daku Resort

We put our hearts into it, because we know we are holding your dreams.

We’re a small resort, and we give you total personal attention. You can take over the whole place, so it’s easy for your family and friends to come and join the celebration of your special day.

And at our prices, they won’t be frightened off by the cost. As a rough guide, with 40 guests, they could be paying as little as F$90 a night.

So you have a romantic and uncomplicated wedding and they celebrate with you – and everyone comes away with wonderful memories.

It makes for a very special party and a great holiday.

The choices are all yours:

You can get married on the beach or in our tropical Resort Garden.
You can have a Fijian choir or be showered with beautiful Fijian Tropical Flowers
You can have a Fijian Celebratory Feast or a simple Wedding breakfast.

Whatever you need, we’ll look after it – Marriage Certificate, Photography, Video, Catering, Babysitting (for guests rather than Bride and Groom!).

Daku Resort is yours: just let us know when.