Yoga Corner: opportunities and challenges

Yoga Corner: opportunities and challenges

Opportunities and challenges.

A retreat is a time of mixed opportunities and challenges: the opportunity to deepen your practice, the challenge of finding steadiness in new poses; the opportunity to let go of your normal day to day worries, the challenge of not letting your mind wander back to those same worries.

Amy’s retreat explored the opportunities and met the challenges as she led the class through two daily practices that both extended and challenged, whilst also giving nurture and release. There were the standing poses, often held for several slow breaths, which gave students the opportunity to sink deeper into them and the challenge of staying steady and ignoring the wolf nibbling at the muscles; there was the vinyasa flow which gave everyone the opportunity to build heat and strength and the challenge of staying with the breath; there were the inversions and balances which gave everyone the opportunity to master difficult asanas and the challenge of facing their own fears .

And in between times there was the companionship and support of the class, the fun of excursions to waterfalls and hot mud pools and rivers, the laughter around the dinner table – and a fabulous week of warmth in Fiji.

Amy’s teaching is light and loving in approach; she celebrates the joy of yoga and walks the path with her students, giving encouragement, adjusting poses, suggesting alternatives, telling them that yes, they really could do it. And they did!


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