The Laughing Quilters

The Laughing Quilters

When doctors go on holiday, they are all too often beset by other people asking them for a quick opinion on whatever aches and pains they have that day. When quilters go on retreat, it’s a prime opportunity for the rest of us to sidle up to them with rips and tears in our favourite garments and ask if they couldn’t just…….well, I was shameless and thanks to Jenny, my husband now has a beautifully mended shirt.

Which is all slightly irrelevant to the quilting itself but it’s a nice little story about quilters, who are some of the jolliest, best natured and most obliging groups we ever get. The sheer volume of laughter they produce is wonderful. What’s so funny each day? I have no idea, but whenever I walked up to see them and admire their work, I approached on a rising wave of burst of gaiety.

Lesse Siegele Quilting Paradise Courses

They had a lot to be happy about, of course. A week with one of Australia’s best teachers of traditional quilting. A truly stunning location : we put them up in the yoga shala with its fabulous views of the sea over the tops of the swaying palm trees. Good weather: sunny days with enough breeze to stay cool. Cheerful company, augmented by the enchanting Angelique, the baby granddaughter of one of the quilters Cheryl, who was enjoying a 3 generation outing: herself, her daughter and her granddaughter. And some fun outings, including snorkelling on the reef which was a first for both Lessa and Jenny.

And in between all this, they produced marvellous work, swirling swathes of colour in the Fractured Circles design, and intricate patterns in the Mariners Compass design. On the last evening we had a Show and Tell, and all the other guests at the resort gathered to admire and applaud the work on display. A very happy week.




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