Savusavu Fun Run

Savusavu Fun Run

The runners are off.....

On April 10th Savusavu held its second ever Fun Run and we were hosts for the event.

Organised by Sharon Wild, it raised over $400 for the PTA of Khemendra Primary School.

We had a beautiful (and very hot) morning and with 80 participants and a fair amount of noise and chaos early on, but things soon got sorted out and the runners were off.

The first run was just 1km and a pretty easy foray; I (Delia) ran it myself accompanied some of the way by Sharon’s 5 year old son Dylan. Like many little kids, Dylan’s method of running is to sprint as fast as he can for as long as he can; he then stops completely and wanders along red-faced and exhausted; then picks up his energy and darts off again. Anyhow, he still got back over the finish line in a respectable time and I was close on his heels.

The 5 km event was more serious, with older kids and several adults. The runners all disappeared off down the road and seemed to take a long time coming back which was a surprise because there was a top runner from Australia amongst them (my daughter’s boyfriend so I can say that!). His normal time would have been well under 20 minutes so when it was 25 minutes we all got a bit concerned. It turned out that the policeman marking the turning point had wandered off and the runners had to guess for themselves. Still, they made it back safely.

Afterwards we had a big BBQ and prize presentation of prizes that local sponsors had given: a fabulous trophy by local metalwork sculptor Shane Bower, resort dives with Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Shop and dinner at Surf and Turf.

Sharon presents the Esava with the winner's trophy made by Shane Bower


1KM Race BOYS:
1st place: Esava Ikanidevo, 13yrs old.
2nd place: Mosese Tuidama 13yrs
3rd place: Rashneel

Elliot and Christol


1st place: Ashna Lata
2nd place: Joy Qalita
3rd place: Tepola Fonohea

5KM Event
1st place: Elliot Wise
2nd place: Christol Dheggdd
3rd place: Armani Drake


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