Open your eyes!

Open your eyes!

If there’s a mantra for a week that was it: Open your eyes to the beauty around you – starting off with the beauty of the view straight in front of the yoga shala. It’s something I never take for granted, and am constantly moved by its loveliness – and yet perhaps it’s not something we fully communicate when promoting the courses. One of the yogis said as much: “I never had any idea of just how lovely the yoga platform is – you really should tell people.” So here it is! – although photos, however well shot, can never quite capture the essence of the yoga shala: its serenity and tranquility, the creaks of the wooden beams, the sounds of the ocean below, the chatter of the birds in the trees, and the thunderous beating of the rain on the roof when there’s a shower.

Clare White was back for a second time this year to teach this retreat with a theme of transformation and change: accepting and embracing the changes that are part of life, feeling the transformation in your body as the week progresses, breathing in the acceptance of change as it takes place. It encompassed focused asanas, robust sun salutations, demanding stretches and hip openers – all laced with Clare’s trademark humour and smiling encouragement……“if you can’t do it, then just do what you can and relax into it…..or don’t bother!” She, of course, does each pose effortlessly with an impish smile and joy that made the week a delight.


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