Nia: The Moving Meditation of Dance

Nia: The Moving Meditation of Dance

It’s 10.00 am and the girls are dancing.

Nia Dance Retreat - Fiji

It’s 9.30 pm and the girls are dancing.

Nia Dance Retreat - Fiji

It’s 7.00 am and the girls are dancing. Admittedly they’ve been to bed in between but still – the ENERGY!!!!

Nia Dance Retreat - Fiji

Nia must harness something in them because they are unstoppable. They dance. They sing. They laugh. They cry. They hug. They dance again. They burst with the joy of every day.

Nia Dance Retreat - FijiSophie the teacher eats like a horse but has the figure of heron – slim and graceful. She burns everything off in the 4 hours she teaches daily, leading the group in swooping, stomping, kicking, turning, twisting. And the noise! Cries of happiness, shouts of aggression, yells of letting in joy, letting out anger. The rainforest trees are shaken by the passion.

Nia is a mixture of dance and self discovery. It’s hard to pin it down exactly, but it’s about free expression through dance, and discovering what you’re all about. And it’s also about making choices in your attitude: choosing to allow joy into your life. Those who are already converts describe it as “like chocolate – you can’t describe it till you try it”, and for those who haven’t done it, try imagining a cross between A Chorus Line, The Karate Kid and Flashdance and you’ll start to get an idea of it.

Nia Dance Retreat - FijiIt’s a week of discovery and different experiences both inside and outside the Nia classes. Sophie describes it as follows:

“The Nia retreat in Fiji felt like a week out of time and space. It’s an opportunity to deepen your body-mind awareness and Nia practice, connect with like minded people, breathe in exquisite nature, learn about Fijian culture. It is an invitation to open, receive and Be. Joy and pleasure abound!! For me the experience felt like a playful moving meditation and I have come back feeling a greater sense of aliveness and presence.

We are welcomed as family at the resort, the people are serene and joyful. It is a quiet and private setting, a simple slice of paradise. In an open sided yoga shala with inspiring views, our days start with a Living Meditation session (a blend of Nia 5 stages, yoga, Qigong, pilates, breathwork and meditation). Then there are 2 Nia classes each day. The first after breakfast 9.30-10.45 am and another as the sun sets over Savusavu Bay 5.00-6.15 pm. You can join them all or just the ones you feel like… it’s all about listening to your body and choosing what feels good to you. During the day there are optional excursions (village visits, pearl farms, waterfall walks, snorkelling) or time to hang out around the pool or have a massage and snooze in your bure.”

You can read a whole lot more about Nia at Or you can come to Daku next year and join Sophie’s next Nia Retreat in Fiji : 25 August – 1 September, 2012.


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