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~ A 10 day course of marine ecosystems and their role in the planet���s future ~

14 – 24  July, 2012 Dates for 2013 to be confirmed

An Interdisciplinary Program for Students and Educators

Travel to Fiji with Dr Richard Murphy, marine biologist with Jean Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society, and Jill Caporale, professor of biology at Northern Virginia Community College, to explore Marine and Terrestrial Ecology, Environmental Science, Cultural Values and Sustainable Living across the Curriculum.

Our focus is on how nature works, how people interact with it and what lessons it offers to humans for sustainable living. It is a natural history program that explores the diverse ecosystems and culture of Fiji as a lens through which we can take a fresh look at our own communities and address the question of what we should do differently to create a more sustainable future. This is far broader than just marine biology by design.

This course is geared for individuals of all disciples and designed to increase your understanding of basic ecological concepts and relationships between humanity and nature, with a focus on how our society can create more sustainable communities. We encourage students and educators to join us for this unique experience, exploring Fiji’s marine and terrestrial ecology, learning about ecological principles that affect all natural systems, and investigating connections – between cultures, between people and the environment and between academic disciplines.

This program is designed to have relevance to all majors and address the greatest challenge our species has ever faced – sustainable living.

Marine Biology - Fiji Snorkeling - Ocean Futures - Daku Resort

Activities include:

  • Snorkel excursions on coral reefs
  • A night snorkel
  • Kayak exploration of mangroves
  • Intertidal exploration
  • Rainforest exploration
  • Village visit with traditional feast and dancing/music
  • Investigation of green development with a visit to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort
  • Daily lectures, AV presentations, discussions

The course content outline will be available under Ocean Futures Society and may enable the student to get credit from his/her own institution. Credit would come from Dr. Murphy and Ocean Futures Society.

The course takes place here at Daku Resort.

The cost of the course  is AUS$2800 twin share: this includes accommodation, all meals, course fees and expeditions as listed, and the return domestic flight from Nadi International Airport to Savusavu.

You’ll find a booking form at:
Or feel free to telephone: (02) 8094-1613
or email:

Please arrive in Nadi on July 13 so that we can get you onto the flight to Savusavu on July 14. We will arrange for you to spend the night in Nadi (included in cost). You will leave on Tuesday July 24 arriving in Nadi by 1.30pm. This gives you plenty to time to make the connection with the Virgin Pacific Blue or JetStar flights if you are returning to Australia; if you are travelling on Air Pacific you will need to spend the night in Nadi (not included in cost). If you are connecting with the Air Pacific flight to LAX you will have the day free in Nadi before you make the connection in the late evening (2230).


Dr Richard Murphy - Marine Biology - Fiji SnorkelingRichard C. Murphy received a Ph.D. in Marine Ecology from the University of Southern California. He began working with Jean-Michel Cousteau and his father, Jacques Cousteau, in 1968. Since that time he has been involved in a wide variety of projects and expeditions in many remote areas around the globe. Dr. Murphy’s role in these expeditions has included serving as chief scientist, photographer, writer, educator, or project director. He has participated in Cousteau expeditions conducted in such places as Papua New Guinea, Fiji Islands, the Caribbean, Indonesia, the Mekong River in SE Asia, the Amazon, Sea of Cortez, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 1973 Dr. Murphy has been involved with Jean-Michel Cousteau in the creation and implementation of field study programs for students of all ages. The objective of these programs has been to share the wonder and importance of the ocean realm with the public. Drawing on over 30 years of exploring and studying a wide variety of ecosystems and cultures, Dr. Murphy states, ���I believe a better understanding of how nature works can not only promote an appreciation for the value of our natural heritage but also help guide the next generation in living more sustainably on the planet.”

As an educator, Richard Murphy is dedicated to sharing the wonders and value of nature with students and the public. His goal is helping people better understand how nature works, with a focus on ecological processes that are fundamental to all systems – marine, terrestrial and human. With this understanding, students and audiences explore how we can live more sustainably and gently on the planet.

This interdisciplinary and holistic approach is infused into all of the programs Richard creates. Because coral reefs are threatened and possess many parallels to human communities, Dr. Murphy has created a number of products and program that focus on reefs.



Jill Caporale - Marine Biology - Fiji SnorkelingJill Caporale
Assistant Professor of Biology and Natural Sciences
Jill Caporale is an Associate Professor of Biology and Natural Science at Northern Virginia Community College in the United States. She holds two Masters Degrees, one in Molecular/Cellular Biology and one in Communication, both from American University. Professor Caporale is active in the promotion of integrating environmental science into other disciplines and will be discussing this concept as well as health implications of anthropogenic environmental changes.


Ocean Futures - Marine Biology - Fiji SnorkelingOcean Futures Society

Our mission is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean’s vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet.

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