Discover Yourself – Yoga Retreat

Discover Yourself – Yoga Retreat

Sydney Yoga Instructor, Tara Er, who led an Iyengar Yoga retreat at Daku this August entitled “Discover Yourself” shares her experience of the retreat with us below.

It was an early morning start Saturday to embark for departure on an 8:10am flight from Sydney to Nadi. At the airport I excitingly met my students as they arrived. We made our way through customs and regrouped with each other at the gate. Our journey had begun.

Tara at the Yoga Shala

Tara and the view from the Yoga Shala

The flight from Sydney to Nadi went well, watching 11/2 movies ensures time passes quickly.
We arrived in Nadi to the beautiful heat of Fiji and I was in heaven. Here we had less than an hour to change planes for Savusavu. We very quickly learned the meaning of Fiji time, which is quite different to Sydney time. Our 3pm flight to Savusavu didn’t depart until around 5pm, an interesting way to be pulled out of Sydney time and introduced to Fiji time.

The plane to Savusavu was a 20 seater and the flight was only one hour. So around 6:30-7pm we arrived at Savusavu airport and then took a shuttle bus to Daku Resort, the sun was just setting and we were ready to unpack our bags, change and reconnect for dinner.

The Fijian staff welcomed us as family. We shared our week with a creative writing group and so joined them at the Dining Table. This meant dinner usually commenced at 7pm, and found us still sitting at the table chatting until 9pm. For lunch and dinner we were summoned by the kitchen drum.

Early Morning Yoga

Early Morning Yoga

We began the retreat with a Welcome gathering circle to introduce ourselves to each other and familiarize ourselves with the venue and how the retreat was to run. It was up to the individual of how much she/he wanted to obtain from the retreat. Classes started at 6am for a Silent sitting Meditation followed up by a 6:30-7am Pranayama class, followed up by a 7-9am active asana class, with the focus changing daily. If one arose early enough one could watch the moon setting, it was a beautiful full moon setting over the water, just magic. I had never seen anything like it. It was nature at her best.

After our morning practice we would have some time to ourselves before we reconnected over breakfast. Each day unfolded a little differently with rest or activities taking up our time. We would then gather at the Yoga Shala for our afternoon Restorative practice to recharge our batteries. There was then a short break of free time before we would again gather for dinner.

Discover Yourself Iyengar Yoga RetreatThe Resort had organized some activities for us between our yoga classes and we added a few other activities onto our timetable. Throughout the week we rested, snorkeled, swam, scuba dived, hired a couple of scooters to venture around the island, received a massage, shopped, walked, watched Tapa being made, visited the local village and heard their choir sing – they sounded like Angels, had a meal in Town, checked out a waterfall. Before we knew it our week had come to an end.

It was such a wonderful week and I found myself to be a little sad to have left this exquisite island of paradise. I’ve been encouraged by the responses from the students who participated, assuring me that they will return next year.

Tara’s 2011 course will run from 6 – 13 August next year. You can read more about the retreat at Paradise Courses or Yoga in Fiji. Read more about Tara and her practice at Cronulla Yoga Centre.


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