A musical delight


Susan Deas is a great 'de-bunker' of much of the seriousness and pomposity of musical appreciation. We went through pitch, rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, texture and form. Daunting? Not a bit of it. After years of never understanding musical structure, I started to appreciate the difference between major and minor, the role of different instruments, and even the real role of the conductor.

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Nia: The Moving Meditation of Dance


It’s 10.00 am and the girls are dancing. It’s 9.30 pm and the girls are dancing. It’s 7.00 am and the girls are dancing. Admittedly they’ve been to bed in between but still – the ENERGY!!!! Nia must harness something in them because they are unstoppable. They dance. They sing. They laugh. They cry. They [...]

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Rachel’s choir in Fiji


In June, Rachel Hore – who has taught many singing weeks at Daku – brought out her own choir. This is a choir she teaches regularly in the Blue Mountains, so they all knew each other already. That, and her own close ties with the community around Daku, made for a very special [...]

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