A musical delight

A musical delight

A musical delight with Susan Deas

The week with musicologist, Susan Deas, was a delight for anyone who loves music but is aware how little they know about it. With the use of a keyboard and an impeccably prepared compilation of music, she took us through six glorious mornings of classical music, while afternoons were spent enjoying beautiful weather on the beach, by the pool or on local expeditions.
The first day set the tone and it became clear that Susan fully embraced the idea that music was supposed to be fun and inclusive. She is a great ‘de-bunker’ of much of the seriousness and pomposity of musical appreciation. We went through pitch, rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, texture and form. Daunting? Not a bit of it. After years of never understanding musical structure, I started to appreciate the difference between major and minor, the role of different instruments, and even the real role of the conductor.

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Day 2 was Choral Music day: a fabulous expose of the human voice in Masses, Requiems and Cantatas. Lots and lots of much loved music, wonderfully illustrated.
Day 3 was Chamber Music day: Quartets, Trios, Duets suddenly became more accessible. Even ‘Lieder’ became less scary!
Day 4 was Opera day and was loved by one and all.

Day 5 was Symphonies and Concertos and Susan seemed to sense what music would appeal collectively and individually.
Day 6 covered Programme music, and, not surprisingly, with the sea gently lapping below us, music about water was as good an example as any.

Every day presented new challenges but everyone learned so much and went away far better equipped to get the most out of listening to classical music. For me, the best feature was a new sense that I could try things that had previously scared me.
It had been a fantastic week of Fiji, Faure, and fun !!!


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