A leap of courage

A leap of courage

Gabrielle’s group was  mixed in terms of yoga experience and included a couple of men who were completely new to it. Sent off by their wives as a surprise gift, they approached it at first with a little trepidation – but then….

As you are aware Yoga on any scale is new to me, so to do the week retreat in Fiji was quite a leap of courage. The ambience of Daku Resort had a wonderful homely and warm welcoming feel. Your encouraging direction was very comfortable and clear. I’m containing myself and not wanting to be too gushy but I want to share how much I enjoyed the week and how much more comfortable I am feeling about Yoga and now I’m a convert and am looking forward to incorporating it into my normal weekly routine. Thank-you for such for a pleasant learning experience. Chris, Fiji 2014


Offering a practice to mixed group needs thought. Gabrielle comments: “Teaching to a mixture of men and woman and with various backgrounds and yoga experience can be really challenging for a teacher. The great thing about the yoga I offer is that it’s  inclusive not exclusive. My approach is gentle and encourages students to listen to their body and move accordingly. I offer opportunities to do more or less as feels appropriate, to be guided by your body, mind and breath. A good yoga practice should allow for the body to open naturally, without force, for the breath to always be comfortable and the mind at ease, relaxed and spacious.  We are learning within the yoga practice, to respond rather than react to the changing needs of our body from moment to moment. We can then take these skills into our life.”

Liz, one of the other students, summed up the week’s pleasures in a short memoir:

Recently, I was part of a yoga retreat in Fiji with our teacher Gabrielle Boswell and seven other participants.  We were a diverse group with respect to background, experience of yoga, age, interests and gender, yet the group quickly bonded. We had visits to gardens, a village and a waterfall, as well as having fantastic massages between yoga sessions. The wonderful staff knew our names and treated us as part of their Fijian family.

Especially wonderful was the open air yoga platform built high up on a hill surrounded by beauty on all sides. Rainforest, blue skies, palm trees, expansive lawns and a magnificent view of the ocean made this place magical for the practice of yoga.

Gabrielle’s teaching was the highlight. We all learned so much on that retreat and I think most will continue to practice on our return home. Her wonderful voice, imagery, wisdom and silence entranced the whole group.
I for one will be returning to Fiji next year to learn more yoga with Gabrielle. Liz, Fiji 2014

And everyone commented again and again on the beauty of the location. We’ll leave you with Gabrielle’s comment and a short clip of her on the yoga platform : Yoga in paradise

 The views from the yoga shala are spectacular. To practice in an open air platform with swaying palm trees, the ocean, sky and mountains is breathtaking. I cannot wait to return in August 2015.  


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