A bit of paradise on a paintbrush

A bit of paradise on a paintbrush

Malcolm was back at Daku in November liberally spreading paint, humour and good cheer.  The sounds of the workshop seesaw between raucous laughter and then deep, silent concentration. Malcolm takes his students through a detailed demonstration of his approach and then cajoles, encourages and exhorts them into their own painting efforts. He took them to the market, he set them up at the Captain’s Café in the Copra Shed in town, he painted from the yoga platform, he spent an afternoon in the main bure.

Malcolm teaches his students how to see, really see. Light and shade, finding the dark parts, understanding the light. And perspective, for which he has developed a brilliant app that anyone can use, and which translates all those tricky lines of sight into a coherent whole.

And in between times there were trips out and about, seeing and enjoying Fijian waters with its magnificent marine life, shopping for souvenirs in town and thrilling to the meke dance in the village of Naidi.

It was a buzz of learning, a bite of inspiration, a bit of paradise on a paint brush. It was all such fun!


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