Welcome to Yoga in Fiji

Our regular week long retreats:

Here at Daku Resort we have gathered teachers from a range of yoga practices for a series of courses. Each one is a practicing yoga teacher with an established following, and offers a slightly different approach to this ancient discipline of body and mind.

And if there is no retreat taking place, you are welcome to use the yoga platform for your own practice.

Yoga in Fiji at Daku Resort

Our full schedule  is on our main yoga website at  Yoga in Fiji

Daily programme and other activities for retreats

Our daily schedule for each retreat varies slightly with each teacher, but essentially it follows a pattern of early morning practice, a break for breakfast, and then another workshop session. It takes place in an open-fronted villa set slightly above the resort with a view out across Savusavu Bay. Some teachers also offer late afternoon sessions.

It’s a calm and peaceful environment ideally suited to finding that quiet space where you can really come into the full strength of your yoga practice. During the course we will give you a free half hour massage – and we have no doubt that you’ll probably book another one later on!








We have mats and bolsters but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

All retreats are suitable for all levels unless otherwise indicated: please call us if you have any concerns.