PureBalance Yogapilates in Fiji with Deidre-Lee Allen

Join Deidre-Lee Allen for a week of PureBalance Yogapilates in Fiji – a wonderful week of daily sessions with plenty of time to relax, have a spa massage, go swimming and snorkelling on the fabulous coral reef or just lie by the pool. Pure bliss.

PureBalance is a unique blend of yoga and pilates delivering strength, tone, flexibility and absolute relaxation. The body becomes strong, lengthened and aligned, the mind and body free of tension, and the days stress is left behind and we exist only in the bliss of now. There is a strong focus on core stability and strength within each session and a positive attitude towards achieving balance and abundance in health and well-being.

PureBalance was created by Deidre-Lee Allen who, with a background in dance and choreography, began her career in health and fitness as an aerobics instructor becoming the National Choreographer and Co-ordinator of the Les Mills Step program; it was Deidre-Lee who first put together this program which is now taught all around the world. She is currently presenting PureBalance Yogapilates on TV New Zealand’s Good Morning Show.

Read more about the Yoga Retreat Deidre-Lee will be leading at Daku Resort. More information, plus details on how to book your week in paradise can be found at Yoga in Fiji, or at Paradise Courses.

You can read more about PureBalance and Deidre-Lee Allen at her website.