We seem to have tripped into the area of Ocean Swims – and now we’re wondering why we never did it before. Warm seas, calm waters, easy entry and exit….

Lorraine and Norman after the 5 km swim

It started off a couple of months ago when one of our guests, Norman Hantzsche, decided to swim the 5k from our beach down to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Norman is an experienced ocean swimmer from Canada and regularly swims long distances. At the time we had a yoga group staying, and one of the yogis, Lorraine Lau, said she’d join him. Lorraine is a super-fit athlete who runs like a jaguar, bends like a rubber band and swims like a ….yup, you guessed.

Two of the other women on the yoga week, Michelle Rutzer and Michelle McKinnon, accompanied the swimmers in kayaks, taking along water for the occasional drink for the swimmers and just being there in case….but it was a beautiful clear day and Norman and Lorraine swam steadily and calmly. The swim took two hours and at the end, the swimmers were only a bit tired.

The swimmers setting off with Michelle accompanying in the kayak

We rushed down to meet them and cheer, and Bart, the assistant manager at Jean-Michel Cousteau, appeared with a much appreciated pot of tea for the swimmers as we cheered their arrival.

That was the first swim.

Last month, we hosted a 10k swim – down to JMC and then back again. The swimmer this time was Solveig Walkling. Sol is an athlete with extensive experience in endurance events. Earlier this year she broke her foot and has been doing a lot of swimming to rehabilitate it. She works as a Pilates instructor in Australia, and also does modelling wok with fitness magazines and TV shows plus is a journalist – an endurance career itself!
She was at Daku on a three week yoga teacher training course, and on one of the days off did this huge swim. She’d originally planned to go and do one of the big ocean swims at Mana, but it would have disrupted her course. Anyhow, she was mainly interested in swimming the distance, saying: “For me, it’s the swim itself that’s important, not the competition. I came here to escape stress – for me, swimming is about the flow and the challenge. The swim in Savusavu Bay is just perfect.”

Solveig before the 10 km swim

It took her 4 hours – and once again the tireless Michelle Rutzer accompanied her in a kayak.

And now we’re working on the idea of another 10k Ocean Swim in 2013, probably in September. Drop us a note if you’re a swimmer and reckon it’s something you’d like to do. And check out Sol’s website at www.bodymindsol.com

JJ greets the swimmers with a cup of tea

The two Michelles and Lorraine