Deidre Lee is a person who sparkles.

She exudes a cheerfulness that bounces around and gives off little zings of positive energy.

Her yoga retreat combined a morning asana practice that was relatively demanding with an afternoon restorative practice – and in between a busy schedule of swimming, visiting the beach, plunging into the local hot baths, scrambling down to the waterfall and sitting up late discussing the World Cup…..because although I’m writing this in August, the retreat took place in June when the world was transfixed by the soccer in Brazil. In fact, a couple of the morning sessions had to start a bit later in order to allow for the football fans to see the game playing out at 7.00am Fiji time.

Back to the yoga……and DeidreLee.

Her optimism is strangely calming. If you’re around someone who believes that things are going to work out, you can’t help but relax. If their life has had its ups and downs but they have worked through them, you can’t help but be encouraged.  If that’s what yoga has given her, I’ll have some more!