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Donna and the Snorkeling Yoginis

So Much More Than Sanskrit and Lentils

11 July 2011

Actually, Donna Gianniotis doesn’t use the Sanskrit names for the asanas in her teaching. She reckons that when people recognise the name they automatically drop into the pose without checking if they are doing it correctly, whereas when she describes the action, they are more likely to get the correct alignment. Hers is a gentle, [...]

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Snorkeling Holidays in Fiji

Sunshine and Stiff Breezes for Snorkelers

26 June 2011

The snorkelling week in June was our biggest yet. We had uninterrupted sunshine although the opening few days were windy and the sea had a fair chop. Nevertheless, the snorkelers saw plenty of fish and several sharks which is always a buzz. There was also a turtle sighting – a special joy to see the [...]

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The Magic Below the Water - Snorkeling in Fiji

The Magic Below the Water

14 February 2011

Our relatively new snorkelling weeks are proving to be very rewarding. We only take a maximum of 8 guests; this trip had 4. Two were from Brisbane, and two from Adelaide – and I asked one of them to write up the week as they saw it. In January, my husband and I arrived at [...]

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Snorkelling or Snorkeling ?

Snorkeling or snorkelling

6 June 2010

Who cares? you might say…..but in this day of search-engine driven marketing, it matters. When we put up details of our snorkeling weeks, the Americans will find it – but if we want the Australians and English to come along, it has to be snorkelling. Well, I’m probably exaggerating a bit because people trawl around [...]

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10 March 2010

The last two months have been fantastic for snorkelling – great visibility and lots of fish. Split Rock continues to astound me – and everyone I take there. Last time I swam out from the beach with a family staying at Daku, and we saw a striped sea snake in the shallows. Although venomous, they [...]

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