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Bird watching with Sicklebill Safaris

19 August 2012

Phil Gregory of Sicklebill Safaris, a highly respected bird watching guide, came to Daku for a week in June. His report of the week follows – or you can open the pdf to see it with pictures.     Fiji Bird Week Jun 13-20 Led by Phil Gregory This was a very enjoyable, laid-back and [...]

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Pod of Hammerheads

Fiji Diving with Hammerhead Sharks

4 January 2012

Out on a dive last week with Koro Sun Dive and we saw a HUGE pod of hammerheads. Colin, the owner and Dive Master, took us to Dreamhouse where the pod is often to be found. We dropped down to about 50 feet and swam out across the reef and into the blue, finning our [...]

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Underwater Photography

Pro Photographer Comes Snorkeling

30 September 2011

As cameras get better and better, lots of people now come armed with digital cameras that can be used underwater; others have small waterproof casings that they can load their camera into. As a result, we all have much better photos. But when you go out with a pro with all the gear – well!! [...]

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