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Daku Resort

Santa Comes to Daku

Santa comes to Daku

26 December 2011

Christmas Day is never complete without Santa, and sure enough, he arrived at lunch with a sack of presents. There were 20 guests, and everyone received a small gift. Santa ho-ho-ho’d around and then disappeared off again whilst we went through to a fairly traditional lunch of chicken, ham, roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrot followed [...]

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Trekking around Savusavu

Fran and Dave – Intrepid Explorers of the Month

16 October 2011

Fran and Dave from Christchurch, New Zealand – our intrepid explorers of the month. Many of our guests at Daku enjoy strenuous hikes, and I knew these two were up for a challenge by the way they skipped up and down the steep muddy slopes of our waterfall path (which we have subsequently re-cut with [...]

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Underwater Photography

Pro Photographer Comes Snorkeling

30 September 2011

As cameras get better and better, lots of people now come armed with digital cameras that can be used underwater; others have small waterproof casings that they can load their camera into. As a result, we all have much better photos. But when you go out with a pro with all the gear – well!! [...]

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Flowering Talent : Botanical Art Retreat

Flowering Talent : Botanical Artists

15 September 2011

The delicacy and detail of botanical paintings is astonishing. With six days at their disposal, the artists still claimed they were pressed to finish by the end of the week – but their artwork was of a very high standard. Delicate heliconia, robust ginger, and the intricate lacy petals of a hibiscus were all on [...]

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Art Workshop - Elena Parashko

Being Kind to Yourself

6 June 2011

Elena Parashko, who comes to Daku to teach a week of Seascape painting in August, is a regular contributor to a number of art magazines. In this article she reflects on the need to sometimes step back and give yourself a break. Being Kind to Yourself In every artist’s life there are times when it [...]

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Jan Cornall - Writing Retreats in Fiji

Beating Writer’s Block in Fiji

4 May 2011

Diana Plater attended Jan Cornall’s writing retreat in March and this article appeared in The Weekend Australia on 23 April 2011. The benefits of a creative writing course at a simple resort on the island of Vanua Levu. by Diana Plater TEN years is a long time for a manuscript to sit in a bottom [...]

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Cutting coconuts at Daku Resort

Coconuts, Car Parks and Covered Decks

21 March 2011

We’ve carved out a whole new entrance to the resort with a new drive and car park. The only problem is, there’s a 90 foot coconut tree in the corner and it bombs two of the spaces beneath. Have you ever looked at a coconut? It has three “eyes” in it, and the Fijians say [...]

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Discover Yourself – Yoga Retreat

15 September 2010

Sydney Yoga Instructor, Tara Er, who led an Iyengar Yoga retreat at Daku this August entitled “Discover Yourself” shares her experience of the retreat with us below. It was an early morning start Saturday to embark for departure on an 8:10am flight from Sydney to Nadi. At the airport I excitingly met my students as [...]

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Snorkelling or Snorkeling ?

Snorkeling or snorkelling

6 June 2010

Who cares? you might say…..but in this day of search-engine driven marketing, it matters. When we put up details of our snorkeling weeks, the Americans will find it – but if we want the Australians and English to come along, it has to be snorkelling. Well, I’m probably exaggerating a bit because people trawl around [...]

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Daku Resort Fun Run

Savusavu Fun Run

29 May 2010

On April 10th Savusavu held its second ever Fun Run and we were hosts for the event. Organised by Sharon Wild, it raised over $400 for the PTA of Khemendra Primary School. We had a beautiful (and very hot) morning and with 80 participants and a fair amount of noise and chaos early on, but [...]

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