The Art of Landscape Quilting

by Delia on November 24, 2010

This one’s all about pictures – an unfolding scrapbook of how to make a quilted landscape picture.

Gloria Loughman, the teacher, is an immensely talented quilter who teaches all over the world and creates stunning landscapes herself. This week she was guiding her class as they sat up on the deck of the Villa and looked out over what she said was the best view she had ever had in a workshop. Most of the quilters had brought along photos of the landscape they wanted to create as a quilt, although one person, Caz, chose the view in front of her. I’ve included that in my panorama. Hope you enjoy the story!

Caz’s Quilt…

Daku Quilting Workshop - Caz's Quilt

Caz's first layout of the view from her balcony at Daku

Caz's Quilt at Daku

The actual view

Quilting at Daku Resort - Caz's Quilt

Caz stitching the landscape

Quilting at Daku - Caz's Quilt

Almost finished...

Quilting at Daku Resort - Caz's Quilt

The final quilt of Daku with backing

Jenny’s Quilt…

Quilting at Daku Resort - Jenny's Quilt

Jenny's quilt - laying out the main elements

Quilting at Daku Resort - Jenny's Quilt

Stitching up the background

Quilting at Daku Resort - Jenny's Quilt

The trees are put in place...

Quilting at Daku Resort - Jenny's Quilt

Painting in some water features

Quilting at Daku Resort - Jenny's Quilt

The finished quilt

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caz hughes November 27, 2010 at 6:48 pm

I loved this trip and learnt so much. It was not only the best class room I have ever worked in but the service and care within the resort was the best I loved my entire week, along side the class time we were taken snorkling, hiking, a trip to the pearl farm, delighted by a local village that sang amazingly for us, and if that wasn’t enough we were feed the most wonderful food breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were made feel like part of a big family and even played volley-ball which provided many laughs and great conversation at dinner. We had a great fireworks display which the children from the resorts families helped out, we got taken to the local boat club for a loverly dinner and evening one night. When we thought it couldn’t get any better the last night we were after a wonderful meal delighted by the children that put on an amazing display of song and dance. The next morning the fair well was with tears in our eyes and for me it has left me with love in my heart for a family that I was a part of for a week in my life. I would recommend any one to visit Daku Resort and enjoy what we enjoyed and if your a quilter then check out their web site and get a group together and do it.

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