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Oxbridge Easter weekend

25 August 2013

This was a long weekend of delightful indulgence for us. We invited the alumni of our own alma maters to come and enjoy each other’s company, and as part of it, give a talk of approximately 15 minutes on a subject of their own choosing – a sort of mini TED talk in the tropics [...]

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The art of using plastic cling film

28 June 2013

When I asked Elena’s group of painters what was the most important thing they had learned from the week, someone said that it was how to use plastic cling film to cover their palette. There was a lot of laughter at this but actually it contained a serious point that went to the heart of [...]

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Yoga with Pam: relax, refocus

16 June 2013

A retreat gives you time to explore your practice at a deeper level than usual, sinking into the disciplines of both the body and the mind. Pam structured her classes to explore the body in the morning, always staying mindful of the purpose behind each asana, moving gently amongst the students to correct, encourage, adjust. [...]

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Fiji Pearl Ocean Swim

5 June 2013

25 swimmers, three races, four relay teams, fabulous pearl bracelets as prizes, kayakers battling the rain, pearl barges full of swimmers….the first ever Ocean Swim in the northern division of Fiji was an exhilarating event. Sponsored by J Hunter Pearls, the Fiji Pearls Ocean Swim ran over three days: May 29 / 30 / 31 [...]

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“It was then that I realised, writing is not so difficult after all.”

3 April 2013

Jan Cornall’s writing retreat in March brought together a large, vibrant group of writers ranging from experienced and published authors to complete beginners. Let’s start with the beginners. Dinny Laufenboek describes her experience: “All too conscious of being a complete novice as far as writing fiction was concerned (if you discount the “spin” placed regularly [...]

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Hot hot hot

23 February 2013

  The year started off hot in Savusavu – although folk arriving from Australia were bringing stories of temperatures back in Melbourne and Sydney of over 40 degrees, which was way more that we were experiencing. The heat didn’t stop us enjoying the first yoga retreat of the year. Michele Jayne from Melbourne taught the [...]

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So that was 2012….

18 January 2013

I am mortified…..over two months since the last blog. And it’s not as if nothing has been happening. Far from it: a week’s visit from an artist from Queensland, Chris Postle, who gave free lessons to guests and locals, some great diving weather, a couple of local conferences, and the fabulous visit of the Melbourne [...]

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Water is for washing brushes only!

27 October 2012

Kerrie Lester’s third painting retreat at Daku was her busiest to date.  There was a difference this year in that much of the painting took place on the deck of the villa where Kerrie was staying, and it became a great meeting point for everyone and a useful storage for their work during the week. [...]

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Ocean Swims from Daku

20 October 2012

We seem to have tripped into the area of Ocean Swims – and now we’re wondering why we never did it before. Warm seas, calm waters, easy entry and exit…. Lorraine and Norman after the 5 km swim It started off a couple of months ago when one of our guests, Norman Hantzsche, decided to [...]

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Making peace with life

12 October 2012

  Elena’s painting retreat was a journey to new places for everyone. The journey to Fiji was just the beginning. It turned out to be a voyage of both artistic growth and self discovery. The landscapes and seascapes that the group painted were explorations of new vistas, experiments with new techniques and exercises in viewing [...]

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