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Ocean Swims from Daku

20 October 2012

We seem to have tripped into the area of Ocean Swims – and now we’re wondering why we never did it before. Warm seas, calm waters, easy entry and exit…. Lorraine and Norman after the 5 km swim It started off a couple of months ago when one of our guests, Norman Hantzsche, decided to [...]

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Making peace with life

12 October 2012

  Elena’s painting retreat was a journey to new places for everyone. The journey to Fiji was just the beginning. It turned out to be a voyage of both artistic growth and self discovery. The landscapes and seascapes that the group painted were explorations of new vistas, experiments with new techniques and exercises in viewing [...]

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Stay with it….and feel the joy!

21 September 2012

“Stay with it……” That’s the phrase that stays with me from Sophie Marsh’s Nia week. Others too:  “Relax your jaw… and breathe!” or “[there are] no mistakes!” and “Feel the joy”. But that first was my favourite. “Stay with it…..” she calls out….with the music, with the movement, with the moment, with the joy. She [...]

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Liquid focus: the flowing art of landscape quilts

9 September 2012

It was a week of liquid focus and fascination, flowing easily from day to day. Each morning the quilters climbed the stairs to the yoga shala where their sewing machines and tables were set up, commanding the most beautiful view of any quilting workshop. There they stayed until George beat the lali for lunch – [...]

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Bird watching with Sicklebill Safaris

19 August 2012

Phil Gregory of Sicklebill Safaris, a highly respected bird watching guide, came to Daku for a week in June. His report of the week follows – or you can open the pdf to see it with pictures.     Fiji Bird Week Jun 13-20 Led by Phil Gregory This was a very enjoyable, laid-back and [...]

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The Laughing Quilters

11 August 2012

When doctors go on holiday, they are all too often beset by other people asking them for a quick opinion on whatever aches and pains they have that day. When quilters go on retreat, it’s a prime opportunity for the rest of us to sidle up to them with rips and tears in our favourite [...]

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A Star is Born

2 July 2012
A Star is born

Singing produces joy. It’s chemical and it’s indisputable. We’ve had lots of Rachel Hore’s singing groups at Daku, and they are always happy occasions. The wind may blow (it did this week, but not too hard), the rain may fall (which it did intermittently) but the sunshine produced by the choir is always breaking through [...]

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Wonder in Yoga

2 June 2012

Mark’s week explored wonder in yoga – and wonder generally. Wonder is a multilayered concept and he looked at it from diverse angles: the awe inherent in everyday life, and the curiosity that we can bring to daily experiences. Wonder is one of the 9 rasas or core emotions – the others are Love, Joy, [...]

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Breakthrough Writing

31 March 2012

  Jan Cornall has now lead three retreats at Daku; she’s just come back from the latest and has sent me a brief account of the week:   I love the moments on our Fiji  writer’s retreat when the breakthroughs start to happen.  You would hope for it on a course called Breakthrough Writing but [...]

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Starting the New Year with yoga

4 February 2012

A lovely start to 2012 – a dynamic yoga week with Michelle Jayne. We were up every morning to start the first workshop at 7.30 – and soon sweating hard.  Her practice is influenced by the Power Yoga approach, but her major mentor has been Ana Forrest. She first met Ana when she trained with [...]

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