Oxbridge alumni forum: What runs faster than a horse……

by Delia on June 20, 2014

The 2014 group

The Oxbridge alumni forum over the Queen’s birthday weekend  was a long weekend of going back to college life. Talks, lengthy and impassioned discussions, good food prepared at regular times, playtime and relaxation in between – the main difference was that no-one had to write an essay.

This second Oxbridge alumni gathering has been a terrific success. Building on the experience of last year, we scheduled the bulk of talk to happen in the morning so every day after breakfast we all went up to the yoga platform – which served as a lecture hall beyond compare – to listen to and enjoy three talks. The speakers presented many varied and fascinating subjects: scenario planning in the energy industry, working with youth in crisis, the anthropology of work, the myth of happiness, the fate of natural history collections after natural disasters, nurturing intelligence, suing the US Treasury for lying about the greenback dollar..and more. Speakers were pretty dutiful in keeping to

A rapt audience

the allotted 20 minutes, and there was then time for questions and discussions afterwards.

There is a great satisfaction in being presented with short, clear talks on a fresh subject outside one’s normal field and clearly everyone relished the opportunity to listen and then discuss the ideas at greater length over lunch and dinner. It was exciting to see the fertilization of ideas across disciplines, and many people took notes and promised to exchange further thoughts in the development of an idea. One speaker chose to use the gathering as a ‘soft launch’ for a paper she had to present at a forthcoming conference, and was rewarded with both the enthusiasm of the audience and some helpful criticism on ironing out the glitches.

Then there’s the down time in between sessions, when there was a

Margaret speaks on Gerhard Rosenberg

mixture of Things To Do and Time for Naps. Things To Do: snorkeling on the reef, picnicing on the beach, visiting a village…..and yes, naps – well, why not? This was a holiday in the tropics, after all. In the evening we had some talks from outside presenters, one on the marine life of Fiji’s reefs and one on the black pearl farming of Savusavu. We also had a quiz night convincingly won by a team who scored 48 out of a possible 50.

And here’s one of the questions posed – and  a prize for the first person who sends a correct reply to me at delia@dakuresort.com  : they will receive a bottle of champagne at the next Oxbridge forum in Fiji scheduled for July 3 – 8 2015.

What animal runs faster than a horse, can go without water longer than a camel, and can see behind itself without turning its head?

And here are a whole lot more photos of a very happy long weekend:

JJ and Phil between talks The birthday toast to the Queen


Clifford talks about the greenback

Maureen talks about the problems inherent in the pursuit of happiness

John on scenario planning in the energy industry

Bill’s magnificent socks

Dianne talks on Your Digital File

Eugenie on health issues

Eve on the anthropology of work

Martin on saving natural history collections after natural disasters

Norma and Christie talk after dinner about life in showbiz

Joe on the empowerment of women in the third world

Jan on counselling troubled teens

Frolics at the beach

Delia on writing workshops at a women’s refuge




Bill Forbes June 21, 2014 at 4:13 am

This was one of the most stimulating 4 days I can remember. Strongly tempted to enlist for next year!
I will post flash drives of photos missing from the “Fiji places etc” folder on Tuesday.
Spending the shortest day of the year (Southern Hemisphere) lunching outside in sunny 23C (73F) conditions. Winter has gone missing!


Jan Elise Sells June 22, 2014 at 4:28 am

Thanks, Delia! Fun to read your summary, see your photos, and share fond memories! I’m hoping I can talk Cliff into returning in 2015! It would be wonderful to see EVERYONE again! Thank you in advance for your photos, Bill! Warmest wishes to all, Jan

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