Coconuts, Car Parks and Covered Decks

by Delia on March 21, 2011

Coconut cutting at Daku ResortWe’ve carved out a whole new entrance to the resort with a new drive and car park. The only problem is, there’s a 90 foot coconut tree in the corner and it bombs two of the spaces beneath.

Have you ever looked at a coconut? It has three “eyes” in it, and the Fijians say that it’s so the coconuts can see people and avoid smacking them on the head. But we weren’t too convinced that they could avoid cars in a similar fashion, and that we would end up with a rash of shattered windscreens and dented bodywork.

So we put out a call to a coconut tree trimmer and a few days later Mr Tower arrived: a cheerful, knotty muscled man of 70 with spiked boots. He clomped his way up the tree with terrifying competence, and breakfast was forgotten as all our guests stood open mouthed watching him. He hacked down 25 coconuts, a great clump of seed pods and the odd branch and they all sailed to earth on the breeze. It was the best morning’s entertainment in a long while!!

Coconut cutting at Daku Resort
Meanwhile back on the ground we’ve put in entirely new wooden decking around the pool and built a new covered area which is proving a real asset. The lounge lizards can continue to bask in the sun and those who want some shade have a comfortable place to sit and read and chat.

The new deck at Daku Resort

The new deck at Daku Resort

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Jan Newland March 21, 2011 at 10:30 pm

Love the new-look pool surrounds. JJ – you do far too much laying around in the water and being photographed! Can you tell I’m jealous?
Sooo looking forward to coming back.
Love to all

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