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So that was 2012….

18 January 2013

I am mortified…..over two months since the last blog. And it’s not as if nothing has been happening. Far from it: a week’s visit from an artist from Queensland, Chris Postle, who gave free lessons to guests and locals, some great diving weather, a couple of local conferences, and the fabulous visit of the Melbourne [...]

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Ocean Swims from Daku

20 October 2012

We seem to have tripped into the area of Ocean Swims – and now we’re wondering why we never did it before. Warm seas, calm waters, easy entry and exit…. Lorraine and Norman after the 5 km swim It started off a couple of months ago when one of our guests, Norman Hantzsche, decided to [...]

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Making peace with life

12 October 2012

  Elena’s painting retreat was a journey to new places for everyone. The journey to Fiji was just the beginning. It turned out to be a voyage of both artistic growth and self discovery. The landscapes and seascapes that the group painted were explorations of new vistas, experiments with new techniques and exercises in viewing [...]

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