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Liquid focus: the flowing art of landscape quilts

9 September 2012

It was a week of liquid focus and fascination, flowing easily from day to day. Each morning the quilters climbed the stairs to the yoga shala where their sewing machines and tables were set up, commanding the most beautiful view of any quilting workshop. There they stayed until George beat the lali for lunch – [...]

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The Laughing Quilters

11 August 2012

When doctors go on holiday, they are all too often beset by other people asking them for a quick opinion on whatever aches and pains they have that day. When quilters go on retreat, it’s a prime opportunity for the rest of us to sidle up to them with rips and tears in our favourite [...]

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Voivoi Weaving

Voivoi Weaving

6 October 2011

Weaving voivoi mats is a traditional craft in Fiji and should you ever buy one, consider the many, many hours spent in their making. The actual weaving is the shortest part of the process. First the women gather the pandanus leaves, going out into the countryside to gather these long, sharp blade-like leaves. Then they [...]

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Beading Workshop with Annlee Butler

Stitching Up a Local Craft Industry

8 July 2011

The June beading workshop had an extra community dimension to it. Teacher, Annlee Butler is a well established Australian beader who is the technical advisor for Creative Beading, one of Australia’s main magazines in this area. She set one afternoon aside to invite 9 local women – and one man – up to Daku to [...]

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Quilting Workshop Daku Resort

The Art of Landscape Quilting

24 November 2010

This one’s all about pictures – an unfolding scrapbook of how to make a quilted landscape picture. Gloria Loughman, the teacher, is an immensely talented quilter who teaches all over the world and creates stunning landscapes herself. This week she was guiding her class as they sat up on the deck of the Villa and [...]

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