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Paradise Courses

Art Workshop - Elena Parashko

Ever Changing Times

8 November 2011

“A picture tells a thousand words”, but which words do they speak? Elena Parashko’s haunting painting of a marooned ship in a drought-devastated landscape was recently selected as a finalist in ANL Maritime Art Prize in Melbourne and then snapped up on the opening night. Elena, who leads a week at Daku next September, describes [...]

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Creative Writing Retreat with Rosie Scott

Rosie Scott Looks Forward to September

17 July 2011

Rosie Scott writes: I’m looking forward to the next Daku mentorship in September. Last year’s class was a unique experience for me as a teacher. I’ve been mentoring and teaching writing for many years now but this was something quite new. I was trying to work out the other day why it was so inspiring [...]

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Watercolour Painting Holiday - Malcolm Carver

All-Weather Watercolours

14 July 2011

It was a definite irony that the watercolour painting group (24 June – 1 July) spent their first two days surrounded by more rain than we had seen for a month. However, they hardly seemed to notice; instead, they applied themselves vigorously to their palettes and spent long laughter-filled days sketching, sloshing water onto paper, [...]

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Donna and the Snorkeling Yoginis

So Much More Than Sanskrit and Lentils

11 July 2011

Actually, Donna Gianniotis doesn’t use the Sanskrit names for the asanas in her teaching. She reckons that when people recognise the name they automatically drop into the pose without checking if they are doing it correctly, whereas when she describes the action, they are more likely to get the correct alignment. Hers is a gentle, [...]

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Art Workshop - Elena Parashko

Being Kind to Yourself

6 June 2011

Elena Parashko, who comes to Daku to teach a week of Seascape painting in August, is a regular contributor to a number of art magazines. In this article she reflects on the need to sometimes step back and give yourself a break. Being Kind to Yourself In every artist’s life there are times when it [...]

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Artists in the News

Flower Power and Snail Trails

9 May 2011

Time to mark some recent successes for two of our art teachers. Botanical art teacher Leonie Norton has just seen her marvellous book Women of Flowers: Botanical Art in Australia from the 1830s to the 1960s go into its second printing barely 18 months after being published – a considerable achievement. Leonie Norton herself, who [...]

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Jan Cornall - Writing Retreats in Fiji

Beating Writer’s Block in Fiji

4 May 2011

Diana Plater attended Jan Cornall’s writing retreat in March and this article appeared in The Weekend Australia on 23 April 2011. The benefits of a creative writing course at a simple resort on the island of Vanua Levu. by Diana Plater TEN years is a long time for a manuscript to sit in a bottom [...]

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Jan Cornall - Writing Retreats in Fiji

Breaking Through: Writing with Jan Cornall

11 April 2011

When you get off the plane in Fiji the first thing you notice is the way people walk. It’s the slow relaxed gait of people from a tropical clime. There’s no point in hurrying and besides it’s just too darned hot. The rush, rush of our city-folk ways seems suddenly ludicrous and as you begin [...]

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Mark Whitwell Yoga Retreat - Daku Resort, Fiji

Yoga with Mark Whitwell

1 January 2011

A week’s yoga retreat with Mark Whitwell is an intense and exhilarating mixture of philosophy, discussion and practice. Mornings stretch into lunch time as he explains and expounds the thinking behind yoga, and invites questions and responses. Not everyone agrees with everything he says; he talks around the question, offering different ways to understand what [...]

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Quilting Workshop Daku Resort

The Art of Landscape Quilting

24 November 2010

This one’s all about pictures – an unfolding scrapbook of how to make a quilted landscape picture. Gloria Loughman, the teacher, is an immensely talented quilter who teaches all over the world and creates stunning landscapes herself. This week she was guiding her class as they sat up on the deck of the Villa and [...]

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