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Life at Daku

Laughter: giggling, gasping and guffawing

16 May 2015

Last week we had a truly hilarious laughter workshop with Jani Burdett. For almost 40 minutes (37, to be exact) she had a group of people bellowing, roaring and cackling with laughter. It’s an extraordinary therapy which leaves you feeling happy and energized – and has a solid body of research behind it to support [...]

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Thumbnail image for Oxbridge Easter weekend

Oxbridge Easter weekend

25 August 2013

This was a long weekend of delightful indulgence for us. We invited the alumni of our own alma maters to come and enjoy each other’s company, and as part of it, give a talk of approximately 15 minutes on a subject of their own choosing – a sort of mini TED talk in the tropics [...]

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Pod of Hammerheads

Fiji Diving with Hammerhead Sharks

4 January 2012

Out on a dive last week with Koro Sun Dive and we saw a HUGE pod of hammerheads. Colin, the owner and Dive Master, took us to Dreamhouse where the pod is often to be found. We dropped down to about 50 feet and swam out across the reef and into the blue, finning our [...]

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Santa Comes to Daku

Santa comes to Daku

26 December 2011

Christmas Day is never complete without Santa, and sure enough, he arrived at lunch with a sack of presents. There were 20 guests, and everyone received a small gift. Santa ho-ho-ho’d around and then disappeared off again whilst we went through to a fairly traditional lunch of chicken, ham, roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrot followed [...]

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Magic in the Ink

Magic in the Ink

29 November 2011

The writers on the Manuscript Mentoring week with Rosie Scott had a great week – productive, friendly, stimulating, full of laughs and stories – and Rosie enjoyed it every bit as much as they did. Rosie Scott: MAGIC! I loved it. Small but fabulous group very committed, worked hard but also lots of fun, the [...]

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Trekking around Savusavu

Fran and Dave – Intrepid Explorers of the Month

16 October 2011

Fran and Dave from Christchurch, New Zealand – our intrepid explorers of the month. Many of our guests at Daku enjoy strenuous hikes, and I knew these two were up for a challenge by the way they skipped up and down the steep muddy slopes of our waterfall path (which we have subsequently re-cut with [...]

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Voivoi Weaving

Voivoi Weaving

6 October 2011

Weaving voivoi mats is a traditional craft in Fiji and should you ever buy one, consider the many, many hours spent in their making. The actual weaving is the shortest part of the process. First the women gather the pandanus leaves, going out into the countryside to gather these long, sharp blade-like leaves. Then they [...]

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Underwater Photography

Pro Photographer Comes Snorkeling

30 September 2011

As cameras get better and better, lots of people now come armed with digital cameras that can be used underwater; others have small waterproof casings that they can load their camera into. As a result, we all have much better photos. But when you go out with a pro with all the gear – well!! [...]

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Dolphin Dreaming - Daku Resort

Dolphin Dreaming

21 September 2011

A trip to see dolphins with a couple of guests – and we could not have been more blessed. The weather was beautiful – warm sun, blue skies with a scattering of clouds, a light breeze. Our boatman Joe was a warm, confident young man who had spent his life growing up around the waters [...]

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Nakabolou Hot Springs

Journey up the Jungle

29 August 2011

Savusavu is known for its geothermal hot springs, and many more are to be found scattered around the island of Vanua Levu. There’s a particularly notable outcrop in the remote village of Nakabolou, where a series of specially constructed stone pools were once built for the use of the village’s chiefly rulers. Much of the [...]

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