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Endless inspiration in the waters of the island

6 October 2013

Mark Waller is above all a lover of water, and in Fiji he found endless excitement and inspiration in the waters of the island – the shapes and shadows of the coral reefs below the surface of the ocean, the abundant fish life and towering coral heads that he saw when snorkeling, the sweeping views [...]

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Water is for washing brushes only!

27 October 2012

Kerrie Lester’s third painting retreat at Daku was her busiest to date.  There was a difference this year in that much of the painting took place on the deck of the villa where Kerrie was staying, and it became a great meeting point for everyone and a useful storage for their work during the week. [...]

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Making peace with life

12 October 2012

  Elena’s painting retreat was a journey to new places for everyone. The journey to Fiji was just the beginning. It turned out to be a voyage of both artistic growth and self discovery. The landscapes and seascapes that the group painted were explorations of new vistas, experiments with new techniques and exercises in viewing [...]

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Kerrie Lester - Art Holiday Retreat

The Joy of Painting

8 December 2011

In September, Kerrie Lester was at Daku for her second workshop. One of her students, Christine Leaming, writes about the week and what she learnt. It was a week was filled with painting, new experiences, laughter and relaxation. Each day began with a relaxing stroll along the waterfront, followed by breakfast around the pool. We [...]

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Art Workshop - Elena Parashko

Ever Changing Times

8 November 2011

“A picture tells a thousand words”, but which words do they speak? Elena Parashko’s haunting painting of a marooned ship in a drought-devastated landscape was recently selected as a finalist in ANL Maritime Art Prize in Melbourne and then snapped up on the opening night. Elena, who leads a week at Daku next September, describes [...]

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Voivoi Weaving

Voivoi Weaving

6 October 2011

Weaving voivoi mats is a traditional craft in Fiji and should you ever buy one, consider the many, many hours spent in their making. The actual weaving is the shortest part of the process. First the women gather the pandanus leaves, going out into the countryside to gather these long, sharp blade-like leaves. Then they [...]

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Underwater Photography

Pro Photographer Comes Snorkeling

30 September 2011

As cameras get better and better, lots of people now come armed with digital cameras that can be used underwater; others have small waterproof casings that they can load their camera into. As a result, we all have much better photos. But when you go out with a pro with all the gear – well!! [...]

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Flowering Talent : Botanical Art Retreat

Flowering Talent : Botanical Artists

15 September 2011

The delicacy and detail of botanical paintings is astonishing. With six days at their disposal, the artists still claimed they were pressed to finish by the end of the week – but their artwork was of a very high standard. Delicate heliconia, robust ginger, and the intricate lacy petals of a hibiscus were all on [...]

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Watercolour Painting Holiday - Malcolm Carver

All-Weather Watercolours

14 July 2011

It was a definite irony that the watercolour painting group (24 June – 1 July) spent their first two days surrounded by more rain than we had seen for a month. However, they hardly seemed to notice; instead, they applied themselves vigorously to their palettes and spent long laughter-filled days sketching, sloshing water onto paper, [...]

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Beading Workshop with Annlee Butler

Stitching Up a Local Craft Industry

8 July 2011

The June beading workshop had an extra community dimension to it. Teacher, Annlee Butler is a well established Australian beader who is the technical advisor for Creative Beading, one of Australia’s main magazines in this area. She set one afternoon aside to invite 9 local women – and one man – up to Daku to [...]

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