It was a definite irony that the watercolour painting group (24 June – 1 July) spent their first two days surrounded by more rain than we had seen for a month. However, they hardly seemed to notice; instead, they applied themselves vigorously to their palettes and spent long laughter-filled days sketching, sloshing water onto paper, flicking around colours, experimenting with shapes and filling their minds and their sketch pads with all sorts of new things.

Of course the rain didn’t last forever; the wind blew the clouds away and so we all went to the beach…..and nearly got blown away ourselves. But most people pulled out a pad and started to capture the sight of the palm trees tossing around …here’s a photo of Jenny sketching, and here’s her palm tree too.

Watercolour Painting Holiday - Malcolm Carver - Daku Resort

Malcolm Carver is a teacher with boundless energy. He taught long workshops that started after breakfast and spilled over into the early afternoon – and then still had enthusiasm to go out to the beach or take the boat snorkelling or dash off a picture for each and every one of his students before the week’s end.

Watercolour Painting Holiday - Malcolm Carver - Daku Resort

It was a permanently and wonderfully happy group who turned out some equally wonderful work. Some of the artists were experienced watercolour painters; others had never done it; one was only focussing on charcoal sketching – but they all learned a great deal. And then in the evenings they sat around the long dinner tables of Daku learning each others’ stories, sharing jokes, meeting the other guests at the resort and celebrating the achievements of each day, come wind, rain or shine. And we had them all.

Malcolm’s 2012 Watercolours Painting Holiday will be 14 – 21 June, 2011. Read all about it here »

Watercolour Painting Retreat - Malcolm Carver